Intuitive Art for Personal Growth

Welcome to my Free 4 week online taster of Intuitive Art for Personal Development

You may be a Caring Professional searching for PD or CPD, or an Artist struck by your fierce Inner Critic, you may embrace Personal Growth and be curious how creating intuitively with my process can bring about Change, Growth and Self Confidence.

Here you are offered space to intuitively paint, inspired by my videos.  You can choose whether or not to upload an image of your painting into the group for exploration of your painting process during your 4 week taster.  This is worth £50 so it is quite a gift!

I hope you get lots from your time in my group.  The group has a sense of spaciousness accompanied by a gentle pace.  We each agree to Confidentiality.

This group is not an Art Course nor is it Therapy.  It is about using art materials to express your self.  It is a Personal Development experience using Intuitive Art.

Alan says:  "Overall a wonderful experience. This is a great introduction to the courses that Kas facilitates. She
is respectful and helpful in equal measures. Being creative is such an interesting way to explore your feelings, emotions and thoughts with the support of Kas and others in the group. I would recommend this taster course. Give it a go you never know what you might discover about yourself!"

Therapeutic Intuitive Art is a process that I have evolved over many years and is a combination of
my Creativity and Therapeutic knowledge and experience.

When you arrive, you can begin immediately.  I have created inspiring videos to invite you to begin creating intutively.  You can upload a photo of your painting into the group and be offered the choice to explore this. 

Michelle says:  "This 4 week taster course is a fantastic opportunity to start on your journey of self discovery. Kas offers a warm, inviting, safe and friendly space in which to explore. No need to be an artist as this is less about how 'good' the finished artwork is, and more about the process to get there. Kas's experience and passion for what she does shines through in the way she guides you through the whole process. I woukd heartily recommend this experience!"


If you arrive and decide it isn't for you, you can leave whenever you wish.  If you have enjoyed your 4 week stay please let me know and I can direct you to other experiences I offer.

Jane says:  "I can highly recommend Kas and her online courses which are designed to explore personal creative development in such a unique and playful way.  After taking part in the 4 week 'Therapeutic Intuitive Art Taster,' I have been inspired to paint more 'intuitively' and I am growing and developing my inner creative.  Kas is a very kind and talented soul, who shares a wealth of experience and knowledge. Thanks for doing what you do Kas!"

Chris says:  "...the images appeared after I followed a really loose flapping of paint on paper, dabbing, washing etc, and then letting it dry... like the one I did at your workshop Kas.  Then watching as things suggested themselves to me and bringing them out.  I really should paint more like this, it's as if there are messages to be read and stories to tell that I have very little control over."

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