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Welcome to Letting Go
my Healing, FREE Personal Development & Intuitive Art course.

Even if you haven't painted since schooldays, my new exciting Letting Go course is for You.

Making Intuitive Art the way I do, offers you a means to healing emotionally, mentally and spiritually, becoming more of the Whole Self we were born to become.

Many of us have a sad and/or shaming story about how we were told we cannot paint by an authority figure.  Me too  :-(

I believe we can all create and paint, every single one of us is born creative. History and Research teaches us this. Think back... how much Self Expression was etched onto Cave walls, 'speaking' of life back then. Cave art is so beautiful, inspiring, admired and featured in many books.  

Making Art is deeply healing. Apollo, Greek God of Medicine & the Arts taught us that to make art is Medicine. That through Art making we truly know ourselves allowing us to heal from ill health. There are so many ways in which making art heals us and just by simply creating with me, you will discover this for yourself.

I created this Free course for those who are curious about how my approach to Intuitive Art offers Personal Development in the way we most need it.  You don't have to know what you need, the creating process itself simply works at a very deep level because of how you approach it - this is completely Unknowing on your part.

I feel very excited and happy to share my new FREE gift with you.  I gained so much from the whole experience as I created Letting Go.  I believe we all would benefit from Letting Go in today's stressful, demanding world. 

I completely Trust that whatever you most need in your life, will come through this painting process.  Those who have already created their Letting Go paintings have loved the whole experience and gained so much through the exploration of my prompts.

Here is what Tracy says about her experience of my course:  
Letting Go" has been a truly inspiring experience. I am in amazement at just how many of my life processes have emerged during this creative process and the learning and awareness that has opened up for me as a result ... what a journey. Kassi is warm and empathic, and I've really valued her support and gentle encouragement.

I have 9 self-paced videos which gently lead you through my unique yet simple  Letting Go process including exciting Personal Development Prompts. 

You can follow me exactly, step by step, or you can trust in your own innate Intuitive Process and allow your very own Letting Go Painting emerge in ways which light up your heart & soul and speak deeply of You.

You are invited to email me twice during the process and I will respond fully and promptly, via email offering you insight, empathy and compassion.


You will need a small piece of hardboard or Acrylic painting paper - around 12" square (but use any size or shape that 'feels' good to you)

Around 5 or 6 small tubes of acrylic paint including White paint
Craft papers or wrapping papers
Uni Posca Pens (two or three)
Gel Medium or School Glue and glue brush
Plastic palette knife or old credit card/gift card
Old jam jar for water
one or two paint brushes
Old rag 
wear old clothing & newspapers to spread out

Your favourite CDs to listen to

This is about relaxing and healing...  spontaneity...  freedom to play and enjoy yourself.

Letting Go Free Art E-Course from Kassi Martin

When you sign up - check your spam or junk for your email - you can access my course immediately.  My self paced Videos & exciting Prompts will ease you through your own unique, creative process.

I invite you to be Gracious and Accepting towards Yourself and your Painting.  I trust that whatever needs to be expressed during this process, will be.

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