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THE PATCHWORK TREE - Mixed Media with Personal Development eCourse

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A FREE Mixed Media & Personal Development painting class for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home.  For those who are new to mixed media you will learn very simple texturing techniques and I feel sure you will feel wonderfully happy during the process.  For me, there is nothing like creating texture and using Mixed Media. 

It is like life, layered with detail and texture... life is rarely smooth. I LOVE texture!

AND in terms of the Personal Development...  Our life, our issues, tends to emerge in our creating process.  I share, explore and discuss with you my own Stories that emerge as I create, and you can then consider your 'stuff' if you wish.

As I teach you how to create Texture with Gesso, Paint and Tissues you will also discover how creating this way is a great challenge for those who try their best to keep things under control, be very neat and tidy, keep tissue paper without creases, or paper that matches.  I talk a little around our need to be neat and tidy, anxiety & stress.  I also consider being Real, Authentic.

When you discover how joyful it is to create Texture in this way, a little messy, uncontrolled, creased and definitely not matching, you may well find yourself loosening up from those controlling ways of behaving in terms of Neat, Tidiness.

Materials: A jar of White Gesso which is £5 from the Works. A plastic palette knife or an old credit card you no longer use. Coloured sheets of tissue (not hankies) I bought a big pack for £1.99 from The Range and kept tissues from gifts.  A piece of hard board to create on around 12" x 15"

I use a small amount of pale blue, yellow, turquoise, violet, magenta, silk purple (lavender), fluorescent green and pale blue. A sponge. A few paint brushes. A jar for water, a rag.  Something to put your paints on like an old piece of cardboard would do or a silver foil food platter.  I also use two acrylic inks in Yellow and Turquoise but these are not essential, you could use paint if you are keeping to a budget.

I use a third of a sheet of patterned paper, one with 'writing' all across which I tore a Tree Trunk from and a few branches from other patterned papers.

My videos are calm, gentle, slow approach, easy to follow and I'm very friendly in terms of
encouraging you to create your painting however you choose, as I create my own.

The best bit of all is - for a short while this ecourse is absolutely FREE of charge
and you have access for a whole year. Really, no catches. What do you have to lose?

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In purchasing this Creative Personal Development Painting Class you agree:

You understand this is intended as a Personal Development Painting tool.

That it is important for you to take care of and take responsibility for Yourself.

As we create and paint, just in the same way as we experience day to day living and relating with others, unresolved issues, feelings & emotions can and do surface offering us potential for change. Sometimes these experiences can be challenging and it is useful and sometimes necessary to have somebody you can share this with to reflect, learn, resolve and grow. That 'somebody' needs to be a compassionate listener who will understand you and support you in the way you Need. Please ensure you have a GP, Nurse Practitioner or Counsellor who can listen wisely and support you through unresolved work if required.

Due to the nature of these video ecourses, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

Regarding Health & Safety using creative materials & products:

As you will see from my videos I freely use acrylic paints, glues, gel mediums and other art materials and products which I often get on my skin.

By purchasing this ecourse you are aware that it is Your responsibility to read all the product information, including any hazards.

Before you select/choose so that you understand the possible reactions that the manufacturers specify.

You agree that Kassi Martin is not accountable nor responsible for any reactions or illness caused from your use of any materials or products you choose to take part in this ecourse.

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