Worry Tree

The Worry Tree

A fantastic resource for home or school for those who experience Worrying and Anxiety.

You will have a year's access to make your Worry Tree.

I created The Worry Tree as a Stress & Anxiety Workshop for Teaching Professional's CPD. I quickly realised its potential discovering how much the Teachers liked their Worry Tree as much as the Children.

Many of us worry and stress, not just occasionally but daily, placing our Nervous System under great strain and creating unpleasant symptoms from a racing heart to irrational thoughts.

Our Nervous System is only meant to be stressed occasionally and for short bursts to help us run from Tigers or Bears.

The very pressured World that we live in is full of Stress and often when exhausted, we are hanging by a final shredded Nerve. Burn out is a huge and serious issue particularly for personalities who Care and Give to others.

Step by step you will create your Worry Tree alongside my videos. As I paint I teach you about Anxiety, Stress and how we can manage our thoughts, feelings and sensations. There is a resource at the end that you can download and print off.

You will need half a dozen acrylic paints in colours of your choice, some wooden pegs or a shoe box with a "Letter Box" hole in it, some glitter, a few paint brushes, jar for water and old rag.

Writing our worries down and sharing them with a big, sturdy Worry Tree can help us relax. It gets the worry out of our body and mind. As I paint, I teach you all about Anxiety, Stress and Worrying. A great resource to help you if you are struggling.

You could create a really big Worry Tree to securely hang in your Home or School Hall so children and adults can share their Worries and feel less Stressed.

Available for the Celebratory Price of £15

Usually priced at £49

An entire year's access to this course where you can create Tree paintings as often as you wish
using the step by step process... each Tree will reflect how you are as you create.. for just £15!

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That it is important for you to take care of and take responsibility for Yourself especially when undertaking personal development.

As we create and paint, just in the same way as we experience day to day living and relating with others, unresolved psychological issues, feelings and emotions can and often do surface offering us potential for change. Sometimes these experiences can be very challenging and it is useful and sometimes necessary to have somebody you can share this with to reflect, learn, resolve and grow. That 'somebody' needs to be a compassionate listener who will understand you and support you in the way you Need. Please ensure you have a good friend, a GP or Nurse who can listen wisely and refer you for support, or see your own Counsellor who can support you through unresolved work if required. I cannot be that Counsellor for you however I can signpost you to excellent and experienced Counsellors if you ask me.

Due to the nature of these video ecourses, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

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As you will see from my videos I freely use acrylic paints, glues, gel mediums and other art materials and products which I often get on my skin.

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